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My name is Ben. I do not have any formal training in computer science. I am a smart home enthusiast with a vision to see every home move into the 21st century.

Growing up, I built computers with my dad and started my automation adventures with Lego Mindstorms. My childhood house had a Lutron Homeworks Interactive automation system which shaped many of my ideas for the perfect home automation system.

In college, I wanted to automate my dorm, but I didn’t have the budget, knowledge, or time. Fortunately, in the following years, I found Tasker (Android app), which launched me into building my first home automation system one attempt at a time.

It was around that time that I found Home Assistant and was able to integrate a bunch of new devices and cheap DIY sensors and servos. That’s when I realized that, if I can do this stuff, then everybody else can too.

Home automation can be easy and affordable.

When I moved into my current house, I rebuilt everything from the ground up and have been trying to forge a path that anybody can follow. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m excited to share the ones I have.

When I’m not tinkering with smart home things, I work as a biotech scientist, hang out with my wife, and our Great Dane pup, Caesium.

P.S. While I would love to pursue smart home stuff full-time, I’m only able to do this part-time, for now. Thanks for being patient with my limited availability and flaky release schedule. Let’s get to it!

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