Yo, Ben here. I’m pumped to finally launch bruhautomation.io. I had no idea when I shut down my last website that it would take me so long to get back to this point.

But, I didn’t waste all that time! I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build the framework necessary to share smart home content with everyone.

So What’s New?

New Domain

  • moved to bruhautomation.io

Built on Jekyll, Hosted on Netlify

  • Enables version control
  • Easier backups
  • Controlled deployments
  • Faster, smaller, mobile-friendly

An Awesome New Community Page

  • Come check it out and say hello!
  • Runs on Discourse, self-managed, hosted on Digital Ocean
  • Bruhautomation.io comments integration

A Much Better UI

  • Easier navigation
  • Organization based on Tags
  • Everything written in Markup for faster writeups

An Actual Contact Form

  • Now you can get a hold of me!

Better Code Blocks

## Code formatting brought to you by Prism 
- yaml_code:
    name: Ben
    title: BRUH Automation Founder
      - moving at a glacial pace
      - probably missing video deadlines
      - home automation stuff?